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On Education + Equity

Two educational ideologies that have captured and guide Magen's research and practices are critical pedagogy and transformative education. The first unveils a new limitless standard for students. Critical pedagogy offers the tools to see, think, feel and respond to the world. Such thinking impacts the comprehension and the empowerment that students can acquire. With a committed and progressive educator, students can retain and reproduce knowledge at quick rates because they are taught to make personal connections with all the events, texts, and information around them. With the latter, transformative education, Magen aspires to provoke an extension to education that is active in all her students. Helping them to re-think and re-imagine their abilities and positions in the world gives them the tools to interact with the world with deeper sensibility. Such power ought to be expressed via creative and productive platforms to insight the voices of young people. 

In critical pedagogy and transformative education, the purpose of an educator is to transmit knowledge and also to prepare students for real life. Educators are meant to not only teach but also engage students in the art and experience of education for maximum competency building. In second language acquisition, the same standards and expectations apply. Such methodologies stimulate students, as well as professors, to become active learners and participants. Education as a historical institution aims to create good public citizens. These creative and progressive methods of teaching and learning engage all participants in an analysis of the world and have as a goal to extend from the classroom to outside in the active global setting. Language education is a prime area of focus where critical pedagogy and transformative education can develop. In the process of learning new pragmatics of language, an additional acquisition of a holistic culture can be interwoven and proven essential for communicative competencies.

Think. Talk. Teach.

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Language Education: Resources



A research project conducted in Madrid, Spain for the NYU Graduate Program in Teaching English as a Second Language.


A brief presentation of a research project conducted in Madrid, Spain for the NYU Graduate Program in Teaching English as a Second Language.


A helpful graphic organizer to promote students to engage with multiple entry-points to remember and recall words and/or concepts.


An excellent resource and tool for content-specific bilingual glossaries and cognates by the NYS Statewide Language Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network.

Language Education: List
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